Dr. Robert Robb

Dr. Robb is a graduate of UNLV’s physical therapy program in 2013. He is very enthusiastic and passionate about what he does. Originally from Utah, being an Air Force brat he moved around a lot. He has been exposed to a lot of different cultures and beliefs from a young age, causing him to be a very open-minded person. He has worked in a variety of settings, mainly Orthopedics, however, has extensive experience with acute therapy, rehab, and home therapy. He has specialized in McKenzie, general, and sports orthopedics. He would say his specialty is dry needling.

He loves being active with his family and friends and wants to stay young as long as possible. He LOVES snowboarding. He also loves working with people who want to stay active or get back to being active. “That’s really the greatest gift that we can give people if we can get them back to doing something they thought they would never do again, or helping them reach a goal.”